My ex-wife’s new husband makes a good living so why should I have to continue to pay child support?

The obvious answer is that you are the father, and he is the stepfather. Your children are still your children, and your obligation of support is unchanged. Look at it this way: If child support would be cut off by remarriage, there would be a great economic disincentive to remarriage. It is not in society’s interest to discourage re-marriage.

For example: An ex-wife with three children may have a very difficult time remarrying, because the potentially new husband can not financially bare the burden of supporting three child(ren).

What if the step-father was legally responsible for the support of the three children, and only after being the step-father for two years, he lost his job. Due to consequences like this, the court does not like to see the choice of re-marriage dictating the financial future of any child(ren).