My soon to be ex-husband is living with his girlfriend. Can I prevent him from having visitation?

At one time, this alone would have been enough to deny custody, and perhaps even visitation rights. Judges, in the past, were quick to condemn relationships out of wedlock. As the times have changed, so have the attitudes of the court. If the parent is discrete and does not flaunt a provocative lifestyle in front of the child(ren), it is unlikely that a judge would deny custody or visitation solely on the basis of such a relationship. Some judges do deny custody on this factor, believing that exposing a child to a relationship not supported by marriage will be detrimental to the child(ren).

If, however, the parent is involved in a series of affairs or becomes involved with "persons of ill repute," a judge will most definitely look harshly upon this.

If your custody and visitation order is already established, you should never prevent visitation without consulting a lawyer. Blocking visitation rights is like taking the law into your own hands without the authority. Visitation should never be used as a tool for punishment against the other parent. The court will not look highly upon this and it can carry with it severe legal repercussions against you.

If you believe that your child(ren) are in danger during visitation periods, call a lawyer immediately and he or she should act in a prompt fashion by filing a motion or petition with the court.