Nebraska Grandparent’s Rights

Grandparent Rights to Visitation: Visitation may be granted if at least one of the child’s parents is deceased, the marriage of the parents has been dissolved or a petition for dissolution is pending, or if the child’s parents have never been married but paternity has been legally established. The court must find that there is a significant beneficial relationship between the grandparents and grandchild and that it would be in the best interest of the child to allow the relationship to continue. The visitation cannot adversely interfere with the parent-child relationship. Chapter 43, Section 43-1801 (R.S.N. 1943 43-1801 et seq.).

When Adoption Occurs: Adoption terminates all rights.

Custody statute: Best interest of child considering: (1) relationship of child and each party; (2) reasonable desires of the child; and (3) general health, welfare, and social behavior of child. R.S.N. 1943 42-364

Parents May Choose: Yes

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