Nevada Spousal Support/Maintenance/Alimony Factors

In Nevada the support payments (if any) can certainly influence how the marital property distribution is awarded, which is why it can become a very intricate part of the final outcome of any divorce. Keeping this in mind, if you and your spouse are unable to reach and agreement on this issue, the District Court will order support from one spouse to the other on a case-by-case basis as follows:

When determining an appropriate support award the court shall consider the following factors; 1. The respective merits of the spouses; 2. the post divorce financial condition of each spouse; 3. which spouse actually acquired the property being used for support; 4. and the need to grant alimony to a spouse for the purpose of obtaining training or education relating to a job, career or profession.

Furthermore, the court may also consider: (a) Whether the spouse who would pay such alimony has obtained greater job skills or education during the marriage; and (b) Whether the spouse who would receive such alimony provided financial support while the other spouse obtained job skills or education. (Nevada Statutes - Chapter 125 - Sections: 150)

You can also read more about Nevada spousal support in the Nevada state statutes located at: