New Jersey Child Custody Factors

In New Jersey, the court will award a custody arrangement by considering the following:

1. the physical, emotional, religious and everyday needs of the children

2. the wishes of the child is deemed to be of sufficient age and maturity. (New Jersey Statutes - Title 2 A - Chapters: 34-23)

In New Jersey, as with all other states, the court will always be looking out for the best interests of the children. What you want or your spouse wants is not really relevant until the court says it is. Many parents go to custody hearings not realizing that they must portray themselves as the best custodial parent rather pleading to the court that they simply deserve the children. The court would much prefer the parents to decide who should have custody, but if they canít, the court will do it for them. You can also read more about New Jersey child custody in the New Jersey state statutes located at: