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Pension Appraisers, Inc. When couples get divorced they must decide how to divide their property. Retirement benefits (pensions) often form a substantial part of the parties’ total marital estate and many times are the largest single marital asset the couples have. Similar to other assets, pensions are typically divisible in cases of divorce to the extent that they are acquired during the period of marriage. In order to divide a pension, the value of the retirement benefits accumulated during the period of marriage must be determined. This pension valuation service delivers a Court Ready Report for only $135.00.

This On-line Pension Valuation and Report will (in just a few seconds) define and explain the value of the marital portion of a retirement benefit for the purposed of dividing it in a divorce case.

You enter the information and our on-line software will process the data and produce a court-ready valuation and an in depth report in just a few seconds.

Information You MUST Know or Acquire Before Ordering
(If you do not have this information, you can print this page and collect the information off-line and return to order your pension valuation)

1. State in which the Divorce has or will be filed.
2. Date of Valuation. (need help?)
3. Name and Sex of the Pensionholder.
4. Pensionholders Date of Birth.
5. The Date of the Marriage.
6. The Date the Marriage Ended. (need help?)
7. Name of the Pension Plan.
8. Date the Pensionholder began Participation in the Pension Plan.
9. Normal Retirement Age as defined by the Pension Plan. (need help?)
10. The Monthly Accrued (earned) Benefit payable at normal retirement age as of the date the marraige ended (or a date close to the date marriage ended). (need help?)
11. If the Pensionholder is eligible for post retirement Cost-of-Living Increases. If so, the average of the last three years increases. (need help?)
12. If the Pensionholder is fully Vested. If not, the number of years of employment the plan requires for vesting. (need help?)

ALSO, If any of the following special conditions exist you should proceed by contacting Pension Appraisers, Inc. directly rahther than using this on-line pension valuation service.

1. The Pensionholder is retired or will retire within one year of the Date of Valuation.
2. The Pensionholder has terminated employment and is no longer participating in the plan.
3. The Pensionholder is receiving Disability Benefits from the Pension Plan.
4. The Pensionholder will not receive Social Security for the years of participation in the Pension Plan.
5. The Pensionholder will receive Non-Compounding Post Retirement Cost-of-Living Increases.

How The On-line Pension Valuation Works: (3 easy steps!)
After you provide your billing information, you will be advanced to the pension valuation request form. Once completing your the request form, you will generate an online pension valuation and report. This valuation and report should be printed for your divorce case (you can cut & paste the report if you do not have a printer available).

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Online Price: $135.00
Download File Format: Compatible with all PCs & Macs
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