Oregon Simplified Divorce Procedures

The spouses may qualify for a summary dissolution of marriage procedure if the following qualifications are met: (1) the residency requirements are fulfilled; (2) There are no minor children, born or adopted, and the wife is not pregnant; (3) the marriage is not over 10 years in length; (4) neither spouse owns any real estate; (5) there are no unpaid debts in excess of $15,000 incurred by either or both spouses during the marriage; (6) the total value of all of the spouse’s personal property is less than $30,000, excluding any unpaid balances on loans; (7) the petitioner waives the right to spousal support [alimony]; and (8) the petitioner waives the right to any pendente lite (preliminary) orders, except for the prevention of spouse abuse [temporary court orders pending the final divorce]. There are specific mandatory forms for filing for summary dissolution of marriage that are available from the clerk of the court in each circuit. Separation agreements are also expressly authorized. In addition, in all other cases, the spouses can jointly file for a dissolution of marriage. [Oregon Revised Statutes; Volume 2, Sections 107.055, 107.065, 107.085, 107.105, and 107.485+].

Each state has its own unique filing procedure. When filing for dissolution of marriage in Oregon, you must adhere to the strict filing guidelines and prepare and submit the appropriate mandatory dissolution of marriage documents to the county court. You can visit the Oregon state statutes located at: to learn more about these documents. You will discover that some documents may be provided by the Oregon Legal System and others must be constructed on a case-by-case basis containing certain information and criteria to adhere to the Oregon Laws and the filing requirements.