Overview of Custody Disputes
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A custody fight is the most costly and emotionally draining of personal legal battles. Legal fees will exceed or be several times the fees incurred for the rest of your case. Your experts, such as psychologists and psychiatrists, may run up astounding bills. Although you each have an expert, the court may disregard them both and appoint its own, for whom you’ll also have to pay.

Case Scenario 1:

Wayne and Melissa were really going at each other in their divorce. They squabbled about every asset. When it came to the kids, they went after each other as if they were protecting their children from a fiend. The report of Wayne’s expert showed what a wonderful father he was, and that it would be better for the children to have him as their primary parent. Melissa’s attorney had a similar expert with a comparable report. Melissa’s attorney asked for an order barring Wayne from the children’s basketball practice. We thought this had finally gone too far, and asked the court to appoint an attorney to represent the children. Months passed before a schedule was worked out for the following school year only. Neither parent got what they asked for. The result was fair to the children; they virtually dictated the terms. The amount spent by the parents was far out of proportion to the result achieved.

Custody battles are typified by unreasonableness. Extreme positions are taken, then defended.

Case Scenario 2:

However, consider Brad and Carrie’s situation when you’re ready to quit trying to work it out. They were twenty-one and twenty-two, had a beautiful child, but were unable to agree on anything. They were members of a religious commune for several years when the leader chose them to have a child together. Brad and Carrie never were attracted to each other. They had no experience in working together, as parents or otherwise. They barely had experience living as an adult in the outside world. Their schedule for custody and visitation ran eight full pages because they needed everything spelled out.

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