Parentís Ability and Willingness to Cooperate
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This Manual discusses in depth the effect of various forms of interference in initial child custody cases. It discusses first the modern day view of courts regarding interference and compares it to the earlier "tender years" doctrine whereby most states held the belief that the mother should have custody of a young child, nearly regardless of the facts and circumstances of the case.

In the subsequent section, the Manual discusses the various ways in which states have adopted the view that the "friendly parent" should often be awarded custody.

In Section IV, the Manual discusses the various factual circumstances that have often led to denials of custody to unfriendly parents, including contempt of court orders, criticism of the other parent in the presence of the child, alienation of the child from the other parent, and filing false charges of abuse. Finally, the Manual concludes with advice to practitioners and parents who have had to deal with this problem.

This Manual presents the modern view of the friendly parent doctrine. As noted above, most states consider it very important that the parents attempt to act in the best interests of the child by encouraging a strong relationship between the minor child with both parents. A parent who does not go along with this view and injures the relationship between the child and the other parent will often face the penalty of loss of custody.

Parentís Ability and Willingness to Cooperate: The Friendly Parent Doctrine, As a Most Important Factor in Recent Child Custody Cases
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