Pension Rights and Divorce
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Divorce Manual We guarantee there is not a more informative resource on this subject anywhere! This Manual has been written by an family law attorney who provides an in depth discussion and analysis of this issue with valuable references to specific cases, journals, and other help resources for additional legal research is required. The total cost for the manual is $11.95.

For most divorcing spouses, pension rights comprise a major portion of the marital estate. Pensions play a correspondingly crucial role in equitable distribution and frequently lead to appeals in divorce proceedings.

This Manual summarizes appellate case law on a wide range of issues:

- classification issues (Part I);
- valuation issues (Part II);
- distribution issues (Part III);
- qualified domestic relations orders, or QDROs (Part IV);
- postdivorce increases (Part V);
- other areas of dispute, including Social Security, "double dipping," and survivor benefits (Part VI).

Pension Rights and Divorce
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