Professional Directory FAQs

Why should my business join the Divorce Source Professional Directory? is one of the first web sites to specifically focus on the area of Divorce. We take pride in our specialization, because not only can we provide quality and current information, but we also are able to connect Divorce Related Professionals to the people who require their services. The Divorce Source Network is currently receiving more than 39,000 unique visitors per week who are contemplating or experiencing divorce. Divorce Source, Inc. owns and operates,, and which the Professional Directory is also a part of.

Does my business need a web site to join the Professional Directory?

No. Divorce Source, Inc. will provide a standard one page web site (web page) with your business contact information when joining the Directory. If your business already has a web site, Divorce Source, Inc. will link directly to it.

How many professionals are allowed in each county/division/district?

Each county is limited to a certain number of professionals in each category depending on the population of the county.

Does my business get state-wide representation when joining the Directory?

Yes. When joining the Directory all Members receive an additional link to their web site on their State Resources page.

What is the price to join the Directory ?

Every county is priced differently according to the population. This is done in order to make it fair for all Members. After joining in your " Primary County "(the one in which your business is located) "Surrounding Counties" are offered at a greatly reduced price. All Memberships are on an annual basis.

Does my business have the first right to renew our Membership?

Yes. The Directory is not listed in alphabetical order, so each Member has the first right to renew their position in the Directory. All memberships in the Directory are offered on a first come first serve basis.

Can my business contribute articles and information to be published on the Network?

Yes. When joining the Directory your business has the option to submit articles or information to be published inside the Divorce Source Network. This is free and your business will receive full recognition for the articles or information with a link at the top and bottom of the page to your web site.

Will Divorce Source be around in six months or a year?

Yes. The Divorce Source Network has been on-line since February 1, 1997 and plans to be around for as long as the Internet exists. If you believe in the Internet as we do, you will see the value of becoming part of it.

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