Section E

EMANCIPATION- the point at which a minor comes of age, The age is typically 18 or 21.

ENCUMBERED - when a lien, mortgage or other restraint is placed against a property.

ENTREPRENEURIAL PROFIT - a market - derived figure that represents the amount an entrepreneur expects to receive in addition to costs; the difference between total cost and market value.

EQUITABLE DIVISION (DISTRIBUTION)- a system of dividing property acquired by spouses during their marriage in connection with a divorce proceeding.

EQUITY - the net proceeds from the sale of a home, minus the fees of the solicitor and the real estate agent and the satisfying of the mortgage.

ESTATE - a right or interest in property or the property of a deceased person.

EVALUATION - a study of the nature, quality, or unity of a parcel of real estate or interests in, or aspects of, real property, in which a value estimate is not necessarily required.

EVIDENCE- documents, testimony or other informational material offered to the court to prove or disprove allegations in the pleadings.

EXHIBIT - an item of evidence presented to the court.

EX- PARTE- court relief that is granted due to the absence of opposing party.

EXPECTANCY - future proceeds from an estate.

EXPERT WITNESS- a professional used to help a judge reach a decision. Experts can include: Appraisers, Counselors, Evaluators, Accountants.