Section G

GARNISHEE - an insurance company, bank, employer or others upon whom a judgment creditor has placed a Writ of Garnishment because that person or entity holds assets due the original debtor.

GARNISHMENT - a support enforcement technique in which the support payment is automatically deducted from the supporters paycheck and delivered to the spouse. This is an enforcement method of paying support. (Garnishment of Wages).

GOOD CAUSE - a standard by which a recipient of welfare is excused from cooperating with the CSE agency because by doing so the recipient and the children could be in danger. A good cause finding usually results from ample documentation of violence and abuse by the non-custodial parent.

GOOD FAITH - absence of intent to commit fraud.

GOODWILL- the value of a business that is beyond the market value of any tangible assets. It includes reputation, prestige, and company name.

GROUNDS- a legal basis for a divorce

GUARDIAN AD LITEM - an adult, usually appointed by the court, who represents the non - legal interest of a minor child in a divorce. He or she is a trained social worker, counselor or other professional.