Section I

IMPEACHMENT- the act of proving a witness is not credible due to inconsistent statements or other conflicting evidence.

IN CAMERA - when proceedings are held in the chambers of a judge without the participating parties. This is usually the procedure followed when children testify.

INCOME AND EXPENSE DECLARATION - the form completed by a parent under oath stating that parent’s income, assets, expenses and liabilities. The document is used to help determine child support to be paid by the non - custodial parent.

INCORPORATION - part of civil law, making one document part of another. For example, the Agreement becomes part of the Decree in Divorce.

INJUNCTION- a court order preventing someone from doing a particular act which is likely to cause physical, mental injury or property loss of another individual.

INTANGIBLE ASSETS - items of personal property; examples; franchises, trademarks, patents, copyrights, goodwill.

INTANGIBLE VALUE - a value that cannot be imputed to any part of the physical property.

INTERCEPT - a process by which CSE agencies take part of a noncustodial parent’s unemployment insurance payments, disability insurance payments, income tax returns and lottery gains to pay child support arrearages owed by the noncustodial parent.

INTERLOCUTORY HEARING - any hearing at which a pretrial or court ruling is requested.

INTERROGATORIES- a group of questions served upon the opposing party to gain knowledge pertaining to the issues in the matrimonial proceedings.

INVENTORY AND APPRAISEMENT - a listing and valuation of properties owned by the parties seeking a divorce.

INVESTMENT ANALYSIS - a process in which the attractiveness of an investment is measured by analyzing ratios.