Section T

TAX INTERCEPT - the process by which a child support judgment debtor’s federal and state income tax refunds are diverted to pay a support arrearage.

TEMPORARY CUSTODY - a spouse’s right to have parenting time with his or her child. It includes extended stays and overnights.

TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER - an order of the court prohibiting a party from acting - for example, threatening, harassing, or physically abusing the other spouse and/or the children; selling personal property; taking money out of accounts; denying the other spouse a motor vehicle.

TESTIMONY-statements delivered under oath at a hearing or deposition.

TRANSCRIPT - a written presentation of testimony given at a trial or at a deposition.

TRANSFER - to switch ownership from one person to another.

TRANSITIONAL CHILDCARE - a welfare program by which welfare recipients who stop receiving AFDC due to employment, but who can’t afford to pay childcare costs, receive subsidized childcare assistance, usually for one year.

TRIAL- a formal court hearing to decide the disputed issues filed in the complaint or summons.