Secure Yourself Financially, Emotionally and Legally

It’s time for you to secure your financial, emotional and physical safety nets to protect yourself. Eliminate as many worries as possible for the next several months until your divorce is finished. Your primary concern is to avoid losing anything during the process. Everyone has something to lose.

Betty had to get an order to keep Eric from getting rid of the cats. Chuck got an order restraining Geri from interfering with a movie crew shooting outdoor scenes at his estate; if Geri had persisted, this would have cut off a substantial portion of Chuck’s income. Denise’s order kept Bart from selling any property in her name. Fran’s order required Gabe to give her a copy of all information he exchanged with his pension plan; it also made her written consent, or court order, a prerequisite to Gabe’s selection of any pension plan option.

This chapter will introduce to many of the ways in which you can protect yourself and describe the procedure. Most, but not all, utilize orders issued by the court. You may be surprised at what your court can do for you.

First, examine your situation and evaluate your exposure.

Second, learn how to protect certain assets with simple written notices. Your attorney will do this nearly automatically.

Third, obtain relatively standard temporary orders, recommended and often automatic, to keep your property intact and your rights protected while your divorce proceeds.

Fourth, emergency orders may be available under the facts of your case. Your attorney can get that tailored-to-fit order in the event of a crisis.

Fifth, gain perspective with guidelines identifying what orders are likely to be granted, and what are not.

Sixth, focus on temporary support if appropriate, which is ordered now in most cases. Pursue it through negotiation, and then go to court if necessary.

Seventh, discover that attorney’s fees are not usually awarded at this stage of the proceeding. Perhaps your case is exceptional.

Finally, accept the fact that you may have to testify in court to get one of these orders. Be ready.