Separation Agreement Software

Separation Agreement Software A Marital Separation and Settlement Agreement is a legal binding contract between you and your spouse, which resolves many issues like, property and debt division, spousal support, insurance coverage, custody, visitation and child support (if you have children) just to name a few.

An agreement typically has two main purposes:

1. An agreement will settle all of your issues from the time you and your spouse separate until the time of divorce (if and when it takes place). Some marital separations can last a few months or even several years, so it is vitally important to protect yourself and have all the necessary financial issues settled in writing. The number one mistake many separating spouses make is that they rely on a verbal agreement.

2. An agreement is typically the final legal document you and your spouse will use to settle all your marital issues in order to get a final judgment or decree for divorce granted by the judge. Your actual judgment or decree will reference and incorporate your agreement.

It is very difficult to move on with your life without getting the facts in writing, like, who gets what property and who is responsible for what debt, so a Marital Separation and Settlement Agreement outlines the rules in a legally binding format.

Please keep in mind that drafting a Marital Separation & Property Settlement Agreement does not mean you must get a divorce.

Agreement Software Description:

All of our Separation Agreement Software is state specific because divorce laws vary from state-to-state. Our software is unlike most do-it-yourself divorce packages because it is designed with an easy-to-use automated fill-in the blank format! We guarantee you will not find a more state specific and up-to-date separation agreement solution. The software to provides you with the necessary instructions and tools to easily draft, execute and file your own Legal Separation Agreement. The total cost of the software is $69.95.

The Agreement Software Contents:

  • Easy Automated Fill in the Blank Format!
  • Complete Step-by-Step Instructions for Executing Your Agreement.
  • Easy Question & Answer Intake Form to Complete the Entire Agreement.
  • A Marital Separation Agreement Completed and Personalized Ready for Signing and Filing.
  • The Marital Separation Agreement Addresses the Following Key Issues:
    • 1. Reason for separation and/or divorce
      2. Restore life as if each spouse was single.
      3. Define property of each spouse
      4. Define debt obligations of each spouse
      5. Define alimony, maintenance, spousal support
      6. Define custody and visitation Arrangements (if you have children)
      7. Define child support Arrangements (if you have children)
      8. Protection against bankruptcy or financial reorganization by either spouse.
      9. Cooperation in filing tax returns
      10. Division of pension, retirement benefits, profit-sharing.
      11. Responsibilities of providing health insurance.
      12. Incorporation into Final Divorce Decree.

    Marital Separation and Property/Debt Settlement Agreement Software

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