Should I have someone to evaluate the relationship between me and my child(ren)?

Often a parent will hire a psychologist to evaluate the parent/child relationship. As might be expected, this can be quite expensive and may get into what lawyers call "the battle of the experts." "The battle of the experts" is when one parent hires a psychologist, for example, to prepare an evaluation and present it to the court, and the other hires another psychologist to present his or her evaluation to the court. The judge must then decide which evaluation is "better", which can easily get confused with which expert is "better". Keep in mind, a judge may also order an independent evaluation. If this is the case, it is mandatory to undergo the evaluation because it is court ordered.

That said, psychological evaluation of the parent/child relationship is not uncommon in child custody disputes. You and your attorney should decide whether one would be helpful or useful in your custody case.