Starting Your Divorce

When starting your divorce, it is first best to perform your own personal divorce case evaluation. This divorce evaluation will help you determine what exactly is at stake legally, emotionally and financially. Too often, people put the "cart in front of the horse" and begin the divorce process without a proper plan and true perspective of what is to come in the future for them and/or their children.


If your divorce is contested, we recommend contacting a lawyer in your area to help you with your divorce and related matters. A divorce lawyer will not only be able to provide you with sound legal advice, but he or she will also prepare all the paperwork to be filed with the court. This option is always best if your case is contested (meaning you and your spouse are arguing), you can afford to hire a lawyer, and your matters to settle are rather complicated.


If your divorce is uncontested, doing your own divorce with 3StepDivorce - Premium Online Divorce Software and Service is easy! 3StepDivorce will help you complete your own divorce paperwork to file your own divorce with the court. The software and service takes the difficulty out of doing your own divorce and is recommended for uncontested or amicable divorce cases only. If your divorce is contested or you need legal advice, we recommend you contact a lawyer.


If you are not ready to file for your divorce, but would rather just prepare a separation agreement, we offer a Premium Agreement Software and Service that helps you prepare your own separation agreement which will be ready for you and your spouse to sign and notarize. The agreement is a binding contract between you and you spouse. It is always recommended not to rely on verbal agreements and to put things in writing during your separation period.

Which ever option you choose, we hope your divorce goes as smooth as possible for you and/or your family and please remember that our site is always here for you as a valuable support resource if it is needed.