Starting Your Parenting Plan

When developing a parenting plan, it is first best to fully analyze your family structure, both before and after your divorce or separation. This analysis will help you and the other parent determine what needs you and your children have and what should be addressed in writing in a legal binding agreement.

Judges and lawyers realize the value of establishing the blue prints for a new parenting relationship, which is why most family law courts require an executed parenting plan before any joint custody orders are granted. Any joint custody arrangement required the parents to work together, which is why a parenting plan is the first step to a successful post-divorce parenting relationship.

Option One...
We recommend contacting a family law attorney or mediator in your area to help you with your parenting plan. A professional will be able to provide the guidance you will need to develop a plan that will work for the family. This option is always best, especially if you and the other parent are having difficulties working together or coming to an agreement on certain parenting related issues.

Option Two...
We provide state specific Premium Parenting Plan Software (3StepParentingPlan) that will automate the process of you creating your own parenting plan. The software takes the difficulty out of doing your own parenting plan. This solution allows you to make additions and changes at no additional cost, which makes it easy and affordable to keep your parenting plan current.

Which ever option you choose, we hope you have a parenting plan that works well for you and your children.