Starting Your Separation Agreement

Prior to signing a separation pr settlement agreement, it important that you evaluate your situation. An evaluation will allow you to determine where you stand legally, emotionally and financially.

Option One...
We recommend contacting a lawyer in your area to help you with your separation or settlement agreement. A divorce lawyer will not only be able to provide you with legal advice, but he or she will also help negotiate the terms of your settlement. This option is the only way to go if you an your spouse are disagreeing. We do not encourage people to represent themselves in a highly contested situation.

Option Two...
If you are not ready to file for your divorce, but would rather just prepare a separation agreement, we offer a Premium Agreement Software and Service that helps you prepare your own separation agreement which will be ready for you and your spouse to sign and notarize. The agreement is a binding contract between you and you spouse. It is always recommended not to rely on verbal agreements and to put things in writing during your separation period.