The Fathers Child Custody Handbook


Fatherís Child Custody Handbook

Facing a custody battle?
Looking to get the visitation you deserve?
Working towards an amicable parenting relationship?

These are just a few of the reasons why many fathers use the "Child Custody Handbook for Fathers" as their means of getting answers to the questions they desperately need in order to make proper decisions regarding the future of their children.

Whether you are in a dispute over custody and/or visitation, or just want to better understand your rights as a father, this book offers the knowledge that would cost hundreds (if not thousands) to gain from a divorce lawyer in regular consultation. Save money and get the information that will allow you to make intelligent decisions and help you in asking educated questions to both your lawyer and the court. Not knowing what to do, what to ask, or how to ask it, is probably the number one cause of failure for parents in the custody court system. Reading this book from cover-to-cover will provide the knowledge to ensure the respect from those you face through out your child custody experience. This may be your own lawyer, your ex-spouse, your opposing lawyer, and even the judge. The total cost for this book is $33.95.

The Contents of the Book...

- 81 Questions and Answers About Child Custody.
- State Child Custody Laws and Factors.
- State Moral Conduct Code.
- Example Parenting Plan and Agreement.
- Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act.
- Divorce and Child Custody Glossary.
- 10 Individual Worksheets.

A Few of the 81+ Issues Addresses:

1. Does a child custody dispute have to be settled in court?
2. What determines how child custody is decided?
3. Should I consider a self evaluation of my relationship with my child?
4. What if my ex-wife is poisoning my relationship with my kids?
5. Will my childís wishes to live with me be considered?
6. Do we have to outline everything in a written agreement?
7. Should I ask my child if he or she wants to live with me?
8. What is the normal or expected amount of visitation?
9. Is the judge capable of denying visitation rights?
10. And the list goes on and on...

10 Individual Child Custody Forms Included:

- Parent Identification Form
- Child Identification Form
- Daily Divorce Planner
- Professional Contact Information Sheet
- Appointment Form
- Custody and Visitation Calendar
- Daily Schedule
- Visitation/Parenting Time Recorder
- Visitation Give/Response Sheet
- Child Support Tracking Worksheet

Get detailed child custody and visitation information without a lot of difficult legal language to understand. The content of this book is devoted to making sure you know what your custody rights are as a father. These rights will be applicable to your current situation and any future situation you may face. Whether you are fighting for custody or working to an amicable parenting relationship, your rights and you childrenís rights are what need to come first! Learn what you can now before it is too late.

The Fatherís Child Custody Handbook (2015 Edition)
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