The First Time You Think About Calling an Old Flame and Do
(Provided by Tomi Tuel, Author of 101 Things I Learned After My Divorce)

Whatever happened to the one that got away? Well, now is your chance to find out. That freedom to find out is yours and you get to do it with a clear conscience. So, you scour the Internet searching for a way to contact them. You wonder, will they be married, will they be single, and will this be your moment?

You find yourself getting the gold membership to aid the search. Soon through various avenues, you land their contact information. Now, for that decisive moment, do you call? What will you say? What if they are available?

If you are like me, you will do exactly what I did. I made the call. We talked for a long time and planned to meet. He was loosely dating someone at the time, and wasn’t sure where the relationship stood. I was anxious and when the day came, I was excited about meeting up after almost nine years. But, at the last moment, he called and cancelled. He decided things might get complicated and didn’t want to risk it. Did I mention timing is everything? I fully understood and respected his position. It was about a year after that we were able to meet briefly at my sister’s dental office. I think I just needed to see him face to face. I was able to get the closure I had needed for all those years. He was the forbidden fruit, and finally when I was free to see him, I felt free from his hold.

Information provided by:
Tomi Tuel, Author of 101 Things I Learned After My Divorce