The First Time the Child Support Check is Late
(Provided by Tomi Tuel, Author of 101 Things I Learned After My Divorce)

The first time the mistress shows up at your door; don’t open it. She probably has a knife. My ex and his mistress married three weeks after our divorce was final. On one occasion, and there were several, they were splitting up. When this happened she would feel the need to warn me to stay away from him. Apparently, she hadn’t read the memo, the one that said, I had moved on with my life. Nonetheless, she was relentless and screeched into my driveway before pounding on my door one night. With one small child in the shower and the other frightened to death asking a million questions, I set off my silent alarm and called 911. She left before the police could show up-45 minutes later!

I took the children and we didn’t stick around to see if she would return. This is when my ex and I became allies. It was the old principle, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” hard at work. I let him know what she was up to and soon he was on my side.

Frequently, when they would break up, he would ask if I could take the kids just a little longer. He would tell me they were on the outs and he needed to run to the bank before she cleared out their account. By the third time this happened, I was offering to drive him to the bank.

Information provided by:
Tomi Tuel, Author of 101 Things I Learned After My Divorce