The Mens Rights Manual for Divorce

The Mens Rights Manual for Divorce Dear Divorcing Husband and/or Father,

The Menís Rights Manual for Divorce, is the bottom line best investment in your future you can make when the threat of divorce becomes a reality. Total cost for this book is $49.95.

This divorce book gives you the in depth answer to over 500 of the toughest questions on the following subjects:

Chapter 1. A Basic Overview of the Divorce Process
Chapter 2. Finding and Hiring a Divorce Lawyer
Chapter 3. The Divorce System and Procedure
Chapter 4. Separation/Settlement Agreements
Chapter 5. Property Division
Chapter 6. Pensions & Retirement Funds
Chapter 7. Spousal Support/Alimony
Chapter 8. Child Support (for fathers only)
Chapter 9. Child Custody (for fathers only)

This complete divorce resource answers the questions specifically from a manís and/or fatherís point of view in a practical, easy-to-read approach that is perfect for any husband and/or father preparing to divorce.

What you are experiencing or contemplating is probably going to be the most difficult time of your life. Divorce can easily break anyone emotionally and financially if they let it. Your future is now in your hands more than ever. This manual lets you know your rights, which will provide you the desired knowledge for you to have a successful divorce.

Every man or woman that complains about his or her divorce experience, nine times out of ten, did not prepare for the divorce properly. These people relied on legal advice and information only from friends, relatives, and their divorce lawyer. If only they had taken the time to educate themselves first. It is as if they went into battle without an army. Do not let this be you! Do not regret not being prepared!

Even if you are planning to divorce as friends, understanding each life altering issue in your divorce agreement is only logical. This manual eliminates regrets and will allow you to make educated decisions which you will feel comfortable and confident with. When you are comfortable and confident with your decisions you are easily able to move on with your life after the divorce.

- With 530 Questions and Answers You Canít Afford Not to Read!

- Easily Eliminates Hundreds of Dollars in Legal Fees!

- Helps You Make Legal Decisions You Will Not Regret!

- Keep This Manual in a Safe Place Where Your Wife Will Not Find It!

The Menís Rights Manual for Divorce (2015 Edition)
Download Price: $49.95 (normally 55.95)
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Number of Pages: 175
File Format: Adobe Acrobat PDF Format

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