The Mothers Child Custody Handbook

The Mothers Child Custody Handbook Dear Mother,

The custody, visitation and child support decisions that are made before, during and after divorce or separation will dictate your childrenís future. This makes the short time spent reading the information in this book absolutely invaluable. This custody resource will help ease your uncertainty and let you regain the self confidence and emotional stability throughout what can be the utmost difficult time. The total cost of this book is $33.95.

Features of the Book...

- 81 Frequently Asked Questions About Child Custody.
- State-by-State Child Custody Laws and Principles.
- State-by-State Moral Conduct Code.
- Sample Parenting Agreement.
- Complete Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction & Enforcement Act.
- Comprehensive Divorce Glossary.
- 10 Individual Worksheets/Forms

Several Example Questions That Are Answered:

1. Does a custody dispute need to go to trial?
2. How is child custody decided?
3. Should I have someone evaluate my relationship with my child?
4. Should a boy live with his father and a girl with her mother?
5. My ex-husband used to abuse me. What if I do not want him near the child(ren)
6. Does there have to be a custody agreement?
7. During the time of separation, should I ask my child with whom he or she would want to live?
8. How do my spouse and I devise a visitation schedule?
9. When can the judge deny visitation rights?
10. And 72 more in depth questions & answers to help you along the way...

10 Individual Custody Worksheets/Forms Included:

- Your Identification Form
- Child Identification Form
- Daily Divorce Planner
- Professional Contact Sheet
- Telephone/Appointment Form
- Custody Calendar
- Daily Schedule
- Visitation Record
- Visitation Give/Response Form
- Child Support Record Form

This book will explain in detail child custody, visitation and child support and how it relates to the divorce process. It will focus on the custody rights each mother and child has pertaining to specific laws, situations, and circumstances, and how child custody will typically be decided by the court or through out-of-court negotiation and settlement.

When divorce seems to be the only option, you must make sure that you and your child(ren) are going to get what you deserve! The goal of this book is to make sure you understand what child custody arrangement is in the best interest of your child(ren). Do yourself and your child(ren) the favor and read this book from cover to cover! The legal consequences and repercussions of not understanding and later finding out when you too deep in the process can be emotionally devastating!

The Motherís Child Custody Handbook (2015 Edition)
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