The Property Division Handbook

The Property Division Handbook Before Agreeing to Anything in Your Divorce, You MUST Read This Book!

This book will explain in detail the property distribution aspect of divorce and separation. It will focus on the rights each spouse has under certain laws, situations, and circumstances, and how the division of the property will be decided by the court or through negotiation. The total cost for this book is $27.50.

This Book Features...

- 108 Frequently Asked Questions About Property Division.
- State-by-State Property Distribution Laws and Principles.
- 40 Page Financial & Divorce Information Checklist.
- Comprehensive Divorce Glossary.

Here Are a Few Examples:

1. What is a property settlement?
2. What about joint bank accounts?
3. What will happen to my credit rating or my ability to get a loan?
4. What is "separate property"?
5. What about my pension? Is that marital property?
6. How does moving money around change property from marital to separate?
7. What is "quasi-community property"?
8. What about dividing personal property?
9. What if I do not like the judge’s decision?
10. And 99 more to help you along the way...

When divorce is inevitable, you must make sure that you are getting what you deserve! Your property is categorized as either "marital" or "separate" and each spouse is entitled to a portion (often 50%) of that which is "marital". The goal of this book is to make sure you understand what is considered marital property, so you are well aware of what you are entitled to. Do yourself the financial favor and read this book! The consequences of not understanding and finding out when it is too late can be financially and emotionally devastating!

The Property Division Handbook (2015 Edition)
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