The Separation Agreement Handbook

The Separation Agreement Handbook Before Signing Your Separation Agreement, You MUST Read This Book!

This book will help you create and understand your separation agreement. The Separation and/or Property Settlement Agreement defines your legal obligations during separation and potentially upon divorce, which is why it is of the utmost importance that you have a full understanding of your separation agreement and the rights you may or may not have prior to signing. Too often spouses sign an agreement that is detrimental to their case, financial future, and parenting relationship. Your Separation and Property Settlement Agreement is a legal binding contract, that once signed is often very difficult or next to impossible to change. You , and your children if you have any, deserve what is best, at that is a full understanding of the agreement you will be required to abide by. The total cost for this book is $25.50.

This Book Features...

- 108 Frequently Asked Questions About Separation Agreements.
- State-by-State Separation Laws and Principles.
- 9 Page Sample Separation/Property Settlement Agreement.
- Comprehensive Divorce Glossary.

Here Are a Few Examples:

1. What are the financial effects of the separation date?
2. Do I need a lawyer for a separation agreement?
3. Why are "Merged" and Incorporated" different?
4. Why should we use a separation agreement?
5. How would a typical clause for joint custody read?
6. Can the interests of the children be included in the agreement?
7. How can I establish circumstances that terminate spousal support?
8. Can we negotiate for permanent alimony?
9. Can I agree to sell the house to my wife, as part of the agreement?
10. And 75 more to help you along the way...

The Separation/Property Settlement Agreement Handbook (2015 Edition)
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