The Spousal Support Handbook

The Spousal Support Handbook Spousal support (alimony) is one of many issues that is often difficult for spouses to agree upon. Before negotiating and even signing any separation or settlement agreement regarding spousal support or alimony it is very vital that you fully comprehend your rights and the repercussions of any actions that you may take. Unlike child support, spousal support is often very difficult (if not impossible) to modify after the divorce is final, so getting it right the first time is a must! This resource will help you make wise spousal support decisions and ease any uncertainty you may have, while letting you also regain emotional and financial stability throughout this tough time. Total cost for this book is $28.99.

This Book Features...

- 97 Frequently Asked Questions About Spousal Support.
- State-by-State Spousal Support Laws and Principles.
- Complete Uniform Interstate Family Support Act.
- Comprehensive Divorce Glossary.

A Few Example Questions That Are Answered:

1. Does the husband always pay spousal support?
2. Are there any requirements for getting spousal support?
3. What is temporary alimony or "alimony pendente lite"?
4. Does remarriage cause alimony to terminate?
5. If my ex-husband dies, do I still receive spousal support payments?
6. What is a "lump sum" settlement?
7. Is a company car considered when determining spousal support?
8. What if I cannot afford to pay alimony?
9. What should I do if my ex-spouse refuses to pay spousal support?
10. And 88 more in depth questions & answers to help you along the way...

This book will explain in depth how spousal support and alimony works. It will focus on the support rights each spouse has under specific laws, situations, and circumstances, and how spousal support will typically be awarded by the court or be settled through out-of-court negotiation.

Do yourself the favor and read this book! The consequences and repercussions of not understanding and finding out when it is too late can be financially and emotionally devastating! When divorce looks like the only option, you must make sure that you are going to get what you deserve! The goal of this book is to make sure you understand what spousal support obligation is fair for you.

The Spousal Support Handbook (2015 Edition)
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