Things to be Cautious About During Divorce

Be on guard for extortion when you separate. Don’t transfer property to your spouse in "trade" for being allowed back into your own home or for a chance to give the marriage another try. You may not be able to undo that deal unless you can prove he or she had a gun to your head.

You’ll see how an attorney can help you prevent problems when you separate in Chapter Eight. Why not see an attorney now, if you are going to end up needing an attorney anyway? This isn’t a do-it-yourself book; it’s intended to help you understand the entire divorce process, to find appropriate help and to guide you through the critical spots. Avoid costly mistakes and use the Scout method: be prepared.

At least use your common sense if you don’t see a lawyer at this time. You want your behavior to look reasonable if the court is asked to examine it under a magnifying glass. You are not expected to be a candidate for sainthood: it’s "warts and all" when real people have real problems. Simply put your best foot forward, knowing your spouse’s attorney will make sure the court is given the full perspective. If you have really acted out, that may cost you when the court orders you to pay attorney’s fees and costs because it was your conduct that made the trip to court necessary.