Validity of Oral Agreements in Divorce
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Divorce Manual We guarantee there is not a more informative resource on this subject anywhere! This Manual has been written by an family law attorney who provides an in depth discussion and analysis of this issue with valuable references to specific cases, journals, and other help resources for additional legal research is required. The total cost for the manual is $11.95.

Are oral agreements about property rights between a husband and wife valid and enforceable when the marriage ends in dissolution or divorce?

This simple-sounding question has no easy answer. The law governing contracts, the Statute of Frauds, the state equitable distribution statute, and pertinent case law must all be consulted to analyze the matter.

Part I of this Manual considers the validity and enforceability of oral nuptial agreements and oral property settlement agreements. Part II discusses the validity of oral agreements made on behalf of divorcing spouses by their lawyers.

Validity of Oral Agreements in Divorce
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