Virginia Grandparent’s Rights

Grandparent Rights to Visitation: As a part of a decree dissolving the marriage or a decree that neither party is entitled to a divorce, the court may grant visitation to the grandparent if the grandparent has intervened in the suit for dissolution of the marriage. The court must find that the visitation is in the best interest of the child, after considering the statutory best interest factors. Title 20, Section 20-124.1 (C.V. 20-124.1).

When Adoption Occurs: Adoption terminates all rights.

Child Custody Statutes: Best interest of child considering: (1) age, physical and mental condition of the child and parties; (2) relationship between the child and each party; (3) needs of the child; (4) the role each party played, and will play, in the child’s upbringing and care; (5) any history of family abuse; and (6) any other relevant factor. C.V. 20-1-7.2. 20-107.2.

Parents May Choose: Yes

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