Washington Child Support Factors

Either parent may be ordered to pay child support. Marital misconduct is not a factor to be considered. All relevant factors may be considered. Official child support guidelines and worksheets are available from the Washington Department of Social and Health Services and from the clerk of the court. The official guidelines are presumed to be correct, unless there is a showing that the amount is unjust or inappropriate under the particular circumstances of a case. Mandatory wage assignments may be required if the child support payments are over 15 days past due. Child support payments may be required to be paid through the Washington State Support Registry or directly to the parent, if an approved payment plan is accepted by the court. The court may require either parent to provide health insurance coverage for the child. [Revised Code of Washington Annotated; Title 26, Chapters 26.09.040, 26.09.050, 26.09.100, 26.09.120, 26.18.070, 26.23.050, and 26-19 Appendix].