West Virginia Child Support Factors

Either parent may be required to provide periodic child support payments, including health insurance coverage. These guidelines do not take into account the economic impact of the following factors that may be possible reasons for deviation: (1) special needs of the child or parent, including but not limited to, the special needs of a minor or adult child who is physically or mentally disabled; (2) educational expenses for the child or the parent; (3) families with more than 6 children; (4) long-distance visitation costs; (5) if the child resides with another person; (6) needs of another child or children to whom the parent owes a duty of support; (7) the extent to which the parent’s income depends on nonrecurring or nonguaranteed income; or (8) whether the total of spousal support, child support, and childcare costs subtracted from a parent’s income reduces that income to less than the federal poverty level. One of the parents may also be granted exclusive use of the family home and all the goods and furniture necessary to help in the rearing of the children. The court may require health and hospitalization insurance coverage as child support. Provisions for income withholding shall be included in every divorce decree to guarantee the support payments. Child support guidelines are available from the West Virginia Child Advocate Office and are in the statute. These guidelines are presumed to be correct, unless it is shown that the amount is unjust or inappropriate under the particular circumstances of a case. [West Virginia Code; Sections 48-13-301 and 48-13-702].