What Constitutes Emancipation to Release a Parent From a Child Support Obligation
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Divorce Manual We guarantee there is not a more informative resource on this subject anywhere! This Manual has been written by an family law attorney who provides an in depth discussion and analysis of this issue with valuable references to specific cases, journals, and other help resources for additional legal research is required. The total cost for the manual is $11.95.

If you are interested in discontinuing paying support or extending a support obligation, this Manual will outline and discuss the issues you will be facing.

This Manual will help either the paying or receiving spouse to better understand the laws and how the court determines emancipation, which will reselase a parent from paying child support. Often times it is difficult to pre-determined when a child should be cut-off from support payments, so this Manual will shine some light on the issue and what generally occurs.

This Manual will survey the law concerning emancipation in these broad categories: marriage, entering the armed forces, becoming pregnant, and leaving the parental roof and becoming self-supporting.

The Manual includes a table that demonstrates, many states rewrote their emancipation statutes in the 1970s and 1980s to provide that a parent is released from a child support obligation when the child is 19 or graduates from high school.

"Emancipation" may also come before the age or event stated in the Table. "Self-emancipation occurs when a child who is physically and mentally able to take care of himself voluntarily abandons the parental roof and leaves its protection and influence and goes out to fight the battle of life on his own account."

What Constitutes Emancipation to Release a Parent From a Child Support Obligation
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