What about the safe deposit box?

There is perhaps no asset quite like the safe deposit box in terms of its ability to be emptied with little effort.

Quite literally, whoever gets there first has the opportunity to grab the contents and run. Banks and other such institutions do not check with the courts to see who is separated and who is not. If a box is cleaned out, there is very little chance that the contents will ever be recovered. The optimum would be to obtain possession of both keys, or, if distrust prevails, to surrender both keys to an officer of the bank. At the very least, try to make an inventory of the box and take photographs of such. Then have an officer of the bank sign your inventory and in that way, if anything is later removed, you’ll have proof of what was taken. In the event of extreme fear concerning a safe deposit box, obtain a restraining order from the court. The order would prevent either spouse from access to the box until such time as final settlement is reached or the order is rescinded.