What about trying a second marriage?

Most people who divorce go for a second (or even third) try at the roulette wheel of romance. Alas, however, contrary to the popular idea, second and subsequent trips to the altar are even less successful than first trips down the aisle. Some 60 percent of second marriages fail.

Remarriage is the triumph of hope over experience and it seems that men and women pursue Mr. and Mrs. Right with the same determination that drove the fortune-hungry to search for the Lost Dutchman Mine. Sadly, Mr. Right and Mrs. Right do not exist -- only flawed mortals.

Probably, second and subsequent marriages face a steep climb because the people involved carry baggage from the first marriage -- unresolved problems, particularly parenting battles with former spouses, child care woes, money worries. Sometimes the battle damage of the first divorce so injures a person that he or she rebounds in a quick and ill-considered grab at an ideal mate. Moreover, the blended family (a husband and his children, a wife and her children and eventually their children) takes a lot of work to get to cruising speed.