What are the essential elements of a good mediation agreement?

The agreement should address the following:

1. Your name, your spouse’s name, and the mediator’s name.
2. The disputed issues to be resolved during the mediation process.
3. A clause explaining the mediator’s role or significance during the mediation process.
4. How legal rights, court interpretation, and lawyers will play a role.
5. The use of experts, like accountants, counselors, etc.
6. Confidentiality.
7. Who shall be present at the mediation sessions.
8. Will there be individual sessions with each spouse.
9. How long the sessions will be and how often they will transpire.
10. How will the mediator prepare an agreement memorandum for the lawyer.
11. How will the spouses pay for the mediation service.
12. How to terminate the mediation process and what happens if this occurs.
13. Any unique guidelines the spouses wish to have included.