What happens in court during a domestic abuse case?

There will be either a bailiff or a sheriff there, who is charged with keeping order in the court. A party can tell him that she is afraid of husband and ask him to look out. He will be happy to do so.

In court, a woman should sit as far away from her husband as possible. She is not required to speak to him, nor does she even have to look at him, if that is difficult. In addition, it is wise do not speak to her husband’s family or friends if they are also in the courtroom. In addition to a lawyer who may be there as her counsel, a party can always bring a friend for moral support.

The state will be represented by a lawyer called a prosecutor. A victim must tell the prosecutor about witnesses to any injuries or abuse, and the name or names of other parties in the action, such as a lawyer or a victim advocate.

The victim will present the prosecutor with any court orders she has, such as the Temporary Restraining Order. She should also present any evidence of injuries or abuse, such as medical records or photographs.

If he is found guilty of domestic violence, there is a good chance that he will spend time in jail. There are now stiff penalties on the books for domestic violence.