What happens when one person just knows that he or she wants a divorce?

That person may in fact believe it, but by definition a marriage involves at least two people, and the children, if any, do not get a vote. Moreover, other parties, such as parents and in-laws, can and do become involved (often on an uninvited basis). In this sense, divorce is a family affair.

Sometimes when one person wants out, he or she may contend that the marriage has broken down, a term which upon examination means that he or she is not happy with his or her spouse. Until comparatively recently, personal unhappiness was not considered a sound reason to end a marriage.

Divorce works like a hand grenade, sending shrapnel from the center of explosion. It works in unmeasurable emotional, social and financial dimensions. Innocent people (usually children) can be wounded in the explosion. Moreover, routines and self-confidence, work and social life, friends and finances and even health -- all are hurt.