What if I believe I am supporting my ex-wife as well as the child(ren)?

Both parents are required to provide for the children. If your ex-wife has voluntarily reduced her income for no good reason, you can ask to have income imputed to her. This may reduce your child support. Be aware, however, that the "equality of duty doctrine" only means that the duty to support is equal between the mother and the father; the amount of support does not have to be equal.

Your ex-wife may believe that she is doing the best thing by staying home with the children, especially if they are very young children, although courts generally presume that mothers and fathers will both be wage earners, when a child support award is ordered. If your children are under the age of five, your ex-wife can typically make a good argument in court that it is in the best interest for her to stay home.

Be aware a few states rule that if you and your ex-wife agreed before the divorce that she would stay home with the children, she can typically stay home after the divorce as well.