What if my spouse spent all the money on gambling or liquor? Should that taken into consideration?

Yes, and it is considered, under the factor of "waste and dissipation." Gambling, alcohol, large gifts of money to other people, and money spent on extramarital affairs are all examples of waste and dissipation. In some states, waste and dissipation can only be considered if it occurred while the marriage was already breaking down. In others, it can be considered if it occurred at any time during the marriage.

The reason it may only be consider if the marriage is breaking down, is because a lot of time the dissipation of property during this time is intentional. Spouses have a tendency to dissipate assets a means of revenge. If you think this is happening to you, you most definitely should call a lawyer.

It is tough for the court to equate the dissipation of property during the period of time when the marriage was not breaking down, because it is considered an action of one, you and your spouse together.