What is the advantages of a no-fault, uncontested divorce?

A uncontested divorce is one where all issues, including support, property and custody, have been settled, so in a very real sense, the two people who made the marriage have deconstructed it in their own way. This ends any elements of contest. No-fault means that the same two people have come to an understanding that the marriage, once alive and hopeful, somehow went wrong and died. Probably when two people achieve the rapport necessary to go through no-fault, uncontested divorce, they have achieved an understanding that both of them contributed to the failure of the marriage.

A no-fault, uncontested divorce makes the logistics of divorce easier and less expensive. Nothing in a no-fault, uncontested divorce, however, speaks to the sadness and sorrow of a family torn apart. No court nor judge can mitigate the pain and suffering of divorce.