What is the cause of the breakdown of most marriages?

Couples who do not spend enough time together often find that they drift apart over time. They may be so busy, caught up in the press of careers, that they never have time for each other, and even when they are together, they never have anything to say to one another.

In time, they may not even miss one another, and they may feel like strangers to one another because they are. Partners who do not spend time together cannot talk to one another. They do not do things together. In this, the cause can become an effect that becomes a positive feedback loop: because the couple finds it hard to talk they spent less and less time with each other and because they spend less and less time with each other they find it harder and harder to talk. The marriage, which is the third party, slowly starves.

Sometimes couples drift away as a result of carelessness. Work, the kids, the pace of life -- all come together to close out the spouse. Sometimes not spending time together is a choice. Again, this is a definite warning sign of a marriage in trouble. If a person no longer wants to be with his or her spouse, he or she will probably begin to question the point of the marriage itself.
Sometimes people know this when they feel more lonely with the other person than they do apart.