What is visitation and how does it work?

When one parent is granted primary custody of the child or children, that parent is termed the "custodial parent." The "noncustodial parent" is granted visitation rights. Typically, visitation is one or two days a week, and a few weekends, such as Wednesday evenings and every other weekend although all visitation schedules are unique for each family.

Through visitation, the state and the judge are attempting to provide a system whereby the parent can maintain a healthy relationship with his or her child(ren). It is believed that children will be happier, healthier, and become more well-rounded adults if they have interactions with both parents. Most states consider visitation to be a right of the child; some states consider visitation to be a right of the parent as well. When analyzing it each of these perspectives it is just as important for the non-custodial parent as it is for the child(ren).