Why is the parent-child relationship factor so important?

The judge will seek to maintain stability and continuity in the child(ren)’s life. To achieve this, the judge must decide, who can communicate with the child(ren). The judge has to consider which parent can meet the emotional and physical needs of the child through the divorce and post divorce. Keep in mind that, the child(ren) may have already become attached to one parent more than the other, and the judge will typically not want to attempt to hinder this relationship.

The court does believe that each child should have the right, and it is in his or her best interest to grow up with the parenting influence of both the mother and the father, so do not be mislead that by choosing one parent as the primary custodial parent does not automatically insinuate that the other parent is not as capable or as important to the child(ren) (of course this does not hold true for unique circumstances that involve, domestic abuse, alcoholism, and drug use).