Wyoming Child Custody Factors

In Wyoming, the court will always attempt to make a child custody and visitation decision that is best for the children by addressing the following factors:

(1)  The quality of the relationship each child has with each parent;

(2)  The ability of each parent to provide adequate care for each child throughout each period of responsibility, including arranging for each child’s care by others as needed;

(3)  The relative competency and fitness of each parent;

(4)  Each parent’s willingness to accept all responsibilities of parenting, including a willingness to accept care for each child at specified times and to relinquish care to the other parent at specified times;

(5)  How the parents and each child can best maintain and strengthen a relationship with each other;

(6)  How the parents and each child interact and communicate with each other and how such interaction and communication may be improved;

(7)  The ability and willingness of each parent to allow the other to provide care without intrusion, respect the other parent’s rights and responsibilities, including the right to privacy;

(8)  Geographic distance between the parents’ residences;

(9)  The current physical and mental ability of each parent to care for each child;

(10)  Any other factors the court deems necessary and relevant. (Wyoming Statutes - Title 20 - Chapters: 20-2-104, 20-2-107 and 20-2-201)