A Course of Last Resort

Only a small number of contested divorces ever go to trial, and any rational person can see why: a divorce trial is a course of absolute last resort.

Not only is a divorce trial astronomically expensive (the legal bills for some knock-down, drag out divorce wars can go into the six digits), not only does it add months or even a year or more to the course of the action (it can and sometimes does), but also a divorce trial makes it a certainty that the former spouses will part with a deep and abiding hatred of one another.

Two former spouses who hate one another multiply the sadness and suffering of the children, who love each parent indivisibly. Former spouses who hate one another, no matter what their intentions to the contrary, find parenting even more difficult than it would be in a “normal” divorce – one where the partners are benignly indifferent to one another.

Reputable divorce and family law attorneys know that divorce trials lay waste to the land and the people who walk on it. A divorce hired gun who seems eager for battle, one who boasts of ripping the opposition to shreds, is a lawyer to avoid. He or she may make good his promise – and the client lives with a legacy of his success for years to come.

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