Friends and Family During Divorce

There are four types of people you may rely on during this stressful period; family, friends, professionals, and support groups. Of those you should be able to depend on the most are your family. Unfortunately, family unity and nucleus are not always strong. There may be members who are considered black sheep. There may be jealousy and disharmony within your family. But of all the people you know, you should be able to trust your family.

I guarantee you’ll be under an immense amount of stress during this period. Some individuals express their frustration and stress by telling others. This can be a turn off to family and friends when all they hear from you is details of you, your spouse, and the attorneys’ actions. At first you’ll gain sympathy. After awhile it can push them away. Your family should be very supportive during this turbulent time. But after awhile, the stress can take its toll on them too.

One of the problems encountered is the wearing on your family with the problems you are faced during a divorce. When speaking of family this includes sisters, brothers, parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and sometimes offspring. Offspring only applies when they are adults. If you have a stepparent with a good relationship between you and them, then they are included.

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