Seniors Calling it Quits

Census data suggests that older couples are getting divorces later in life. According to the Census Bureau, 26 percent of the divorces in 2008 were filed by couples married 20 years or more.

This information stands in contrast to the long-held assumption that long-term marriages become more and more immune to divorce. “This is not a reassuring trend for society, as rebuilding your life after a divorce is difficult under the best circumstances and starting over as a senior citizen will prove to be a huge obstacle for those unlucky enough to find themselves in that situation.”

Gray-haired spouses may not face the challenges of a divorce involving child custody and support, but “[a] divorce late in life brings the risk of increased long-term financial instability for both parties and it might be more important for seniors to create a viable divorce plan than it is for any other age or demographic group in the nation.”

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